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Increasing sales at the point of sale

How do you spur the shopper into making an impulse buy?

An extensive study carried out in 2012 showed that shoppers are less inclined to plan their purchases. 76% of buying decisions are taken in store*.
Shoppers have also become a mobile target. We need to call out to them and raise their awareness.

  • The large amount of POS display material provided in store is compelling evidence.
  • The different types of display play a decisive role in purchasing behaviour and therefore also in your ROI.

Independent retailer or large supermarket, your objective is ours: increasing your sales!

*(POPAI “Shopper Engagement Study” May 2012 – Source)

Creating buying experiences at the point of sale

Shoppers have become mobile targets who need to be called out to and made aware.

To optimise the consumer’s buying behaviour at the point of sale, POP Solutions:

  • Takes actual reality into account right from the design stage.
  • Proposes creative solutions integrated into the overall marketing of your brand/product.
  • Creates the atmosphere at the point-of-sale using appropriate materials.
  • Creates buying experiences.

POP Solutions has highly specialised expertise in point-of-sale marketing. All our POS prosposals and creations are based on the latest advances in the field. Furthermore, our specialists carry out a thorough analysis of all factors which play a part in the process, at both retail and shopper level.

The most direct route, from display to shopping trolley

Our POS marketing strategy allows you to put into practice seasoned techniques which encourage point-of-sale buying.

  • Optimal presence of your brand at the point of sale.
  • Effective presentation of your product
  • Organisation of pre-testing, in collaboration with specialist research departments
  • Shelf arrangement, display layout, signing
  • Post-testing, demonstration of your POS results


Whether you are an independent retailer or a supermarket your objective is the same as ours: increasing your sales!

POP Solutions supports you at each stage in the POS process.
We offer all the services needed to develop POS materials: design, production and final distribution. You can benefit from all our key skills, all under one roof.



Let the highly specialised know-how and 360° approach of POP Solutions

help you to optimise your sales.