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Promotional and publicity displays for the point of sale

Your promotional displays, from strategy to finished product.

  • The various types of display play a decisive role in buying decisions.
  • Our POP Factory offers counter display units or floor stands.
  • From design to production
  • In all types of cardboard: corrugated, solid, duplex,  etc.

All POS marketing solutions under one roof.

We offer standard or bespoke POS material for supermarkets and small shops:

  • Display stands
  • Counter displays
  • Arches
  • Totems
  • Wobblers & hanging banners
  • Boxes and bins
  • Ballot boxes
  • Cubes, etc.

Our designers bring your POS projects to life.

  • Our designers are experts on production, retail and shopping behaviour.
  • Their leitmotiv: to offer you attractive, eye-catching and achievable creations.
  • Their guiding principle: scrupulous adherence to your graphic charter and your brand values.
  • Perfect functionality + adherence to the budget + impact = successful design for you and for us.

Your priorities are ours.

  • To find the most appropriate solution for each project, we will draw up an order of priority according to the needs of our client.
  • Your brand image first and foremost? We take it into account.
  • Priority to the visibility of the display? We offer a competitive solution.
  • A functional element must be achieved for the lowest cost? We will suggest appropriate materials: cardboard, wood, PVC, etc.

No misunderstandings: you see the result before production!

  • Your designs created in 3D.
  • Virtual integration of display units or signs in the point of sale.

Quality display units and stands to suit your requirements.

  • Production workshop based in Belgium.
  • Scrupulous monitoring of production and strict quality control.



Want to put our creative talents to the test? Need a quick but accurate quotation for your promotional display?