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Our packaging will maximise the impact of your brand at the point of sale.

Packaging for all your products.

To meet all your requirements we offer a wide range of folding cardboard packaging, such as bins or boxes.
In some cases we can also make packaging tailored to your requirements.
Furthermore, depending on your needs, we can make it flat or pre-glued for later assembly.

Stand out from the competition!

POP Factory offers a number of solutions to attract attention and thus boost your sales. You can for example opt for:

  • An original shape
  • High quality printing
  • Glossy rendering
  • A window to enable your product to be seen inside the packaging

The environment, a priority!

Packaging is made in folding cardboard. This material has a number of environmental advantages: light and delivered flat, cuts transport costs and requires less storage space.

It is also 100% recyclable!