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Permanent point-of-sale displays

With POP Permanent, each display is more imaginative and effective than the next.

There is nothing like a permanent presence at the point of sale for making a lasting impression.
We make our display units in various long-lasting materials:

  • metal,
  • plexiglas,
  • PVC,
  • wood, etc.

POP Permanent also develops shop-in-the-shop concepts. A space in the point of sale reserved for your brand!
Whatever your needs, challenge our POS experts. They will propose the ideal solution to your problem.

Permanent displays which incorporate all constraints.

Constraints imposed by your own objectives or those of the distributor, category and budget will be listed and managed by our experts.

You will benefit from the advice of POP Solutions on all key points:

  • Creation
  • Adaptability
  • Choice of material combinations
  • Strength to weight ratio
  • Life
  • Interactive materials

Strict quality control for each of our products.

  • The quality of your displays promotes your brand image.
  • Bespoke permanent displays made for each project.
  • 3D simulation of your permanent display in position.
  • Scrupulous monitoring of production and strict quality control.



Want to put our creative talents to the test? Need a quick but accurate quotation for your permanent display?