Display design studio- POP Solutions
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POP Design gives shape to your ideas.

A compromise between functionality, budget and image.

Entrust the design of your displays to POP Solutions right from the start. Design and display form an integral part of our core business. At POP Solutions display designers manage every part of the process to perfection due to a thorough understanding of:

  • All production constraints, in order to overcome them, where necessary
  • The  retail sector as a whole
  • Technical processes which encourage impulse buying by the consumer.

See the design of your displays while still in the draft stage.

Because of their accomplished IT skills our display designers will give you a virtual preview of your displays in position at your point of sale:

  • Visualisation of your ideas in 3D
  • Virtual integration of display units or signage in the store or supermarket

Work freely with our expert designers.

At POP Solutions we are proud of the experience, know-how and amazing creativity of our display designers. You can rely on them to propose orignal, aesthetic and realistic ideas. Their ingenuity and inspiration know no limits.

Their core values: the effectiveness of your display and adherence to your brand image.

Worth knowing: working with our designers commits you to nothing. Our network is at your disposal, but you are free to have your display made up elsewhere, unless you opt for our production warranty.

The quality of our display designers is well known and valued in the design world.

The most prestigious brands and names regularly call on the expertise of our specialists.


Let our display designers advise you today.