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Publicity items, promotional gifts, advice from POP Gifts.

Publicity items: a form of advertising which has the unanimous backing of your customers!

“76% of consumers attach importance to publicity items and 60% would like to receive more of them.” *

Publicity items are an eye-catching form of media with unrivalled ROI.

POP Gifts gives you guaranteed advice and quality enabling you to get the best out of your publicity items: recession-busting media par excellence!

*2FPCO study – Study of publicity items in France / 2011

POP Gifts’ expertise optimises the impact of your promotional gifts.

Ask for our advice and profit from the unequalled ROI of this local marketing.

With an impact cost that could be less than €0.02, your publicity item or gift:

  • Perpetuates your company’s message
  • Obtains an average memorisation rate of several months

POP Gifts, because there are publicity items and publicity items

POP Gifts guarantees ultra high performace gifts in terms of :

  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Impact and relevance of the message

Prepare now, for a very small investment, to make a lasting impression on your clients and future clients.

Prestigious clients such as Beiersdorf, Nestlé Waters, Durieu, Partena, IPM, BE TV, Browning and Belgacom trust the expertise of POP Solutions for their promotional gifts.

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