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POP Solutions gives you the benefit of its point-of-sale merchandising expertise.

Make the best use of every m2 of available space.

POP Merchandising uses all the commercial optimistation techniques in retail spaces and customer contact points. Our merchandising solutions give you:

  • Effective management of your stock.
  • Optimisation of your sales area per product and per brand.
  • Best arrangement of your POS in terms of effectiveness and aesthetics.
  • Optimum marketing through your POS material.

Consumer, distributor, supplier: three winners from merchandising.

Three major reasons to trust your merchandising to POP Solutions :

  • The shopper will find what he is looking for easily, along with an attractive presentation and an environment favourable to the act of buying.
  • The distributor will optimise its turnover while offering real added value, and managing its stock effectively at the same time.
  • The supplier will be able to present its product according to the client’s expectations from the outset.

Entrust your logistics to our merchandising specialists.

All services under the same roof! POP Solutions manages all stages of your merchandising:

  • Storage
  • Optimal delivery
  • Installation
  • Real time reporting
  • Systematic quality control